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The Kentucky Association of the Deaf, Inc. (KAD) is organized exclusively, by and for the deaf community, for charitable and educational purposes, with the right to receive contributions and to distribute them to organizations which qualify as exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue of 1954 or any provisions. The specific purposes of the Corporation is for mutual assistance and encouragement of deaf people and to secure moral, intellectual and social improvement of their educational and vocational opportunities. Also it promotes measures to improve conditions and standing in society at large of deaf persons in Kentucky.


About the Kentucky Association of the Deaf

The Kentucky Association of the Deaf (KAD) is an affiliate member of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). The NAD was founded in 1880 and is the oldest and largest organization of the deaf in the United States with more than 22,000 members. The NAD, the KAD and other state associations of the deaf are working hard to improve opportunities and lives of the deaf and hard of hearing people.

The KAD was founded in 1891 by a group of alumni of the Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD) who were concerned about the deaf being excluded from the decision-making processes affecting their own destinies.

The KAD has been working closely with the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH), the Kentucky School for the Deaf Alumni Association (KSDAA) and the Kentucky Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (KYRID).

In December of 2005, the KAD launched the new website as a one-stop resource for the Kentucky deaf community. Four years later in December 2009, the KAD moved to a new web host and redesigned the web site.


The Board

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Nina Coyer

President Nina Coyer

Nina is a native of San Diego, California.

She attended Gallaudet University before she graduated from Eastern Kentucky University receiving both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

She taught Kentucky School for the Deaf for 12 years before joining full time as a Tenured Assistant Professor at her alma mater for 14 years. She also taught workshops in a variety of subjects. She is retiring as of July 1, 2011. She teaches all levels of American Sign Language, Deaf Culture and Interpreting classes. She has been involved in various organizations, nationally, statewide and locally.

--Nina Coyer



Dodie Karr

Vice President Dodie Karr

Greetings, I’m from Florence, KY but now living in London, KY. I have lived here for several years with my husband Paul who is also Deaf and our two hearing daughters: Naduah, and our oldest Cinstinna, who lives next door to us on a small farm!

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Kentucky Association of the Deaf Vice President again! I look forward to carry on by expanding and giving my uttermost strength for everyone! We shall work to open as many doors for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and late deafened Kentuckians by helping them live their lives the fullest for today and whatever their tomorrows may bring!

Today, it’s still difficult to reach out to people who are like us across the state. Many are still unaware of the things they could use for their daily needs, the equal accesses they deserve and what KAD can do for them. While serving KAD I would like see us work along with different organizations and Deaf organizations too, to make all of us stronger and succeed better than ever! Together we can make a difference to bring numerous of people together to help everyone across Kentucky by spreading and reaching out! This can be done! In order for this to work, we need to broaden ourselves and by you... our dear fellow KAD members you can spread information what KAD can do for them too! KAD cannot do this alone, people like you can! I look forward learning and working with all of you!

--Dodie Karr



Rhonda Bodner.

Secretary Rhonda Bodner

Rhonda Bodner is the current Kentucky Association of the Deaf (KAD) Secretary. Rhonda was born in Danville, KY where she enrolled in Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD) in 1965 and graduated in 1978. During High School, she got her first job experience with a job at KSD. Rhonda has now been working at KSD in the Outreach Department for 35 years. In 2004, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Best encouraged Rhonda to join KAD and she has been a member ever since. Rhonda would like to see KAD host mini workshops and social events for people to attend and possibly become members. She would also like to see the middle aged and young people get more involved with KAD in order to carry KAD on for generations. Rhonda is currently very active as she is President of the KSD Alumni Association, President of the Kentucky Home for Aged and Infirm Deaf, Inc., a board member of KSD Charitable Foundation, the Director of KSDCFI-Jacobs Hall Museum, and a board member of the Advisory Committee on the Need for Service for Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

--Rhonda Bodner



Arlen Finke

Treasurer Arlen Finke

Raised on a Minnesota dairy farm for five years before moving to Minneapolis for oral deaf education and mainstreamed in high school with no interpreting during the 1960's.

Graduated in 1967 from Gallaudet University and taught Physical Education with deaf students for thirty four years. Now retired since 2001 but volunteer in the following organizations:

  • Ephraim McDowell Health Patient and Family Advisory Group
  • Human Rights of Boyle County
  • Heritage Hospice
  • Jacob Hall Museum Committee

As your Treasurer, I will do my best to keep treasury reports up to date. Please support and become members of KAD which fights for your rights.

--Arlen Finke




Juanita Couch

Jaunita Couch

Juanita Couch was born in Leslie County, Ky. She started attending Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD) in 1977 and graduated in 1985. She is a new member of the Kentucky Association of the Deaf Board and she will serve for the 2016-2017 term. Currently, she lives in Bear Branch, Kentucky (Southern Kentucky). Her goal is to help hearing parents of a deaf child by exposing them to available deaf and hard of hearing educational programs.

--Juanita Couch



Roger Coyer

Roger Coyer

Bio coming soon.



Ginger Mitchell

Ginger Mitchell

Ginger is a native of California and graduated high school in Seattle, Washington. She attended Gallaudet University and graduated in 1984 majoring in Business Administration: Data Processing.

She worked for the first car GPS company in Menlo Park, CA. Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park before moving to KY in June 1990.

She received her BS and MA in both Education of Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing and Elementary Education with emphasis on reading from Eastern Kentucky University.

At KSD she has taught in the Elementary School dept for 20 years and the last two years in the Middle School. She sponsors KSD's JrNAD organization

She also serves on the board of KyADAPT.

--Ginger Mitchell



Nancy Perry

Nancy Perry

Nancy Perry was born Allen County, Ky. She attended Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD) and graduated in 1980. She went on to Gallaudet University for 2 and a half years then later transferred to National Technical Intitute for the Deaf (NTID) where she graduated in 1989 with an Association of Arts degree in Graphic Design. She then worked in the Art and Media department at the Fruit of the Loom headquarters for almost 14 years. During those years, she taught ASL to the Bowling Green Community and she gave workshops covering ASL topics, such as the use of classifiers. Nancy also worked as an ASL Lab Manager at Western Kentucky University (WKU) while taking Graphic Design. Nancy graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Nancy has traveled a lot for missions, Deaf-Blind Retreats, meetings, and vacations. From 2006 until the present, she has been an ASL tutor. She is also currently a Deaf Mentor for interpreters and serves as an officer or board member for 4 different organizations. While a freelance Graphic Designer with a hobby in arts and crafts, Nancy is happy to continue her work with KAD and to serve Deaf people.

--Nancy Perry