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February 2010 Archives

KCDHH Announces Board Vacancy

We all know that KCDHH is involved with pushing deaf and hard of hearing issues to the forefront of Kentucky legislators' minds. It is extremely important that we make KCDHH aware of the important issues that affect us in the deaf community.

KCDHH has just announced a vacancy on their board so this presents an important opportunity to deaf people who want to help improve the lives of deaf people in Kentucky. If you're interested in serving on their board, please download the application, complete it and then mail it along with your resume to the following address:

President Sharon White
P.O. Box 5693
Frankfort, KY 40602

KAD is seeking at least three applicants to submit to KCDHH. We need your voice on this board so please consider applying!

KSD Alumni: We need you!

Interested in improving services for Deaf consumers of mental health, substance abuse, or developmental / intellectual disabilities in KY?

We are looking for one KSD alumnus to serve on the Advisory Council on Services to Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Members come to Frankfort four times a year to meet and make recommendations to the Department for Behavioral Health. Mileage is paid and hotel may be arranged if you live more than 40 miles from the meeting. The term of service is three years. For more information, please contact Michelle Niehaus or call her at VP 1-877-385-0460.