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Text to 911

Great news! We seem to be getting closer to text to 911 capability! Check out the video below which was published by the FCC.

Get more information gleaned from an email forwarded by KAD member, Betty Timon.

Deaf Dog Needs a Home

Heads up, a deaf dog named Blue needs a new home. The following letter is from Petra Stephens who is helping a friend find a home for Blue. If you're interested, please contact Prsident Sharon White for contact information (see below).


Introduction to Blue

Blue is about two years old.  He is very affectionate.  Blue does well with other dogs at the dog park. He would do best in a home as an only dog. Due to his deafness, he looks to you more often for visual cues and does not like it when you are focused on him and switch attention to another dog. As I had stated Blue is with my friend who fosters dogs.

Petra Stephens
Request contact information from KAD

A Word from Project Endeavor

Project Endeavor

If you can’t quite hear everything on the telephone, the CapTel phone could be for you! For a limited time, qualified seniors can receive a discounted CapTel 840i phone thanks to CSD’s Federal Grant: Project Endeavor! Contact us at 800-233-9130 to find out if you qualify!

  • CapTel 840i (for individuals with high speed Internet) - Captioned Telephone that works with your current Internet service and landline telephone service. Act now and pay only $20 for the Captioned Telephone!
  • CapTel 840i + Sprint Cradle Point Internet Service, includes a 2 year service plan (for individuals without Internet service) Internet service and the CapTel phone bundled together, for people who don't already have Internet service. Act now and pay only $50 for everything!

TO APPLY - PLEASE CALL WCI AT 1-800-233-9130


Read the flyer.

RCD Vacancy in Owensboro

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in Owensboro is currently seeking someone to fill their Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf vacancy.

While this position serves the deaf and hard of hearing population, it is also a great position to be held by someone who is deaf or hard of hearing.

See the job description for more details!

Sign the Petition!

There's currently an important petition at the Whitehouse's web site, "Officially recognize American Sign Language as a community language and a language of instruction in schools". They are hoping to reach 25,000 signatures by December 12th. At the time of this posting, 5,056 more signatures are needed.

Click the link below to go sign the petition. You will have to first create an account and then log in before signing the petition.

Go to the Whitehouse's web site to petition the Obama administration now!