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Job Vacancy: Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, a branch of the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, is currently seeking someone to fill a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor position located in Owensboro, KY.


KAD's New Sponsor

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If you are in need of a florist for any occasion; weddings, funerals, graduations, birthdays, etc., please visit Nanz & Kraft florists. Through their "Helping Hands Program", Kentucky Association of the Deaf could receive a donation.

According to Nanz and Kraft:

Helping Hands was designed as a way to continuously give something back to our community all year long. With each order a customer can select a charity orginaztion and Nanz & Kraft will make a $2.00 donation to one of our participating organizations. Simply select the "Helping Hands" pull down menu on the order form and choose an organization receive your contribution. Our Helping Hands program encourages customers to take advantage of our service when sending flowers across town or even around the world online.

Please consider Nanz & Kraft for your floral needs and please don't forget to select KAD as the organization to receive a donation!

KAD wishes to thank Nanz & Kraft for their support. As always, KAD also thanks everyone in the community for their continued support of our organization!

A Word from KAD President, Sharon White

Closeup image of Sharon White.

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK EVERYONE for all the support you have given during the NAD Conference week! Much love to you all! I couldn't have done this without my great team of supporters, the KAD Core Group; Cole Zulauf, Archie Harris, Bobby Sogolow, Merle Williams, George T. Payne Sr., and Amy Hatzel. The KAD Board Members; Suzanne Mayes, Rhonda Sue Bodner, Nina S Coyer, David Williams, Arlen Finke, CJ Prater, Deanna Kuhn, and all of the volunteers who gave their time and effort to help. The Kentucky Black Deaf Advocates; Charlotte Clark, Margaret Steptoe, Thomas Steptoe, and Felipe Fernandez for all their hard work. The Interpreters for our Steamboat Cruise; Sandra Thompson, Maria Lord, Peter McCaffrey, and Kim Wassenaar. Of course, there's the performers; WaWa Snipe, Sean Forbes, emcees Levi and Clay Anderson aka the Anderson Twins. Music was provided by the Disc Jockey, Joseph Butler aka DJ Vibration. Finally, our Miss Deaf Kentucky Ambassador Sandra Frank and the Pageant Committee; Holly Evans, Traci Resiter, and Ina Price.

If I wasn't clear, ALL OF THE VOLUNTEERS for the 51st Biennial NAD Conference as well, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! We couldn't have done this without you! Also, wanted to add, this was a great experience for the National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA) to join the NAD conference as delegates as well. We are on the way to making new changes, partnerships and working together for a better tomorrow! Onward we go! I must ask if there are any comments, questions that you may have regarding the NBDA 2013 conference in New Orleans, please email me at and if any comments regarding KAD, please email me at or view the websites, and Thank you again for all the support! Hope you all returned home safely, especially those of you who came far from out of state!

2012-2014 NAD Board Officers & Region Representatives

Here are the new 2012-2014 NAD Board Officers & Region Representatives
Chris Wagner (Florida), 2012-2014 (Elected)
Vice President
Melissa Draganc-Hawk (Pennsylvania), 2012-2014 (Elected)
Kirsten Poston (Maryland), 2012-2014 (Elected)
Philipe Montalette (Utah), 2012-2014 (Elected)
Region I
Margie English (District of Columbia), 2010-2014
Steve Lovi (New York), 2012-2016 (Elected)
Region II
Richard McCowin (Nebraska), 2010-2014
Michael Berger (Illinois), 2012-2016 (Re-Elected)
Region III
Christopher Patterson (Georgia), 2010-2014
Larry Evans (Texas), 2012-2014 (Elected)
Region IV
Julie Rem-Smario (California), 2010-2014
David Reynolds (California), 2012-2016
Appointed Members
Will Announce in few weeks
NAD Leadership Training Conference - October 3-5, 2013 - Omaha, Nebraska
52nd Biennial NAD Conference - July 1-5, 2014 - Atlanta, Georgia
State Association & Affiliated Committee
Jenny Buechner (Wisconsin), Chair
Linda Manhood (Ohio), Region II Representative

Kentucky Deaf Disc Golf Association

Have you heard about the Kentucky Deaf Disc Golf Association? Wow, from the looks of their website, it looks like a very active and fun organization! If you've been looking for a cool, new way to be active this summer, maybe you should consider disc golfing!

Who are they anyway? Well according to their "About KDDGA" page:

Kentucky Deaf Disc Golf Association (KDDGA) is a debt-free recreational non-profit organization established in 2008 where its members play in disc golf league tournaments monthly at various locations in Kentucky. KDDGA also serves in the community such as hosting leisure & fundraising events, and participating in community services. KDDGA is also a host of Kentucky's national Deaf disc golf tournament known as the Bluegrass Cup. The league tournament is to be played monthly from April to October. Hearing disc golfers who are a part of the Deaf community are welcome to join KDDGA. Disc golfers from out of state may become KDDGA members, too. KDDGA is governed by its executive board that keeps KDDGA well-maintained. KDDGA is looking forward to continue being a successful organization during the 2012 season!

You should really checkout this gem!